The MIP-5A is a microphone amplifier with fully discrete (no IC's) class A
amplification (35 to 65dB in 3dB steps) and transformer-balanced input and
output using high quality transformers.

It features input pad (-20dB) and output pad (-6dB), first-order high-pass
filter (75Hz), phase reverse, phantom power and a unique WOOL function
which increases the second harmonic and makes the overload characteristics
very gentle by removing the feedback around the main gain stage.

When the WOOL button is out the tone is clean and wide-band with more
abrupt overload resulting in brighter tone. Pushing the button in changes
the character to more old-style and tube-like. The distortion is then
smoother and darker in tone.

The MIP-5A is not a clone or copy of any other design.